Starting The School Year Activities

Looking for those first day activities? Here are a few websites that might help.

First Day Of School Activities
a comprehensive list of teacher created ideas and activities

Back To School
back to school tips from the ProTeacher community

Planning For Your First Day Of School
ideas and resources for teacher to get ready for the first day

First Day Of School Ice Breakers
some activities to help your students transition back to school


Technology Integration Quiz

What do we mean when we use the term ICT/Technology Integration?

At IST we believe that ICT should be considered a tool by teachers and students to further learning and to enhance communication. ICT should not be thought of as a discrete or stand alone class subject, but a means to acquire, analyze and present information and knowledge in their subjects.

How are you doing using ICT Integration to enhance student learning in your classroom?
Click here to take a quiz to find out.