Online safety in Grade 5

The school year started with a lot of nice surprises for Grade 5’s this year. They are having their Google accounts! When they heard that they were excited. As a start up lesson for their new lives as Digital Citizens on the net, we showed them a little fun movie by Disney called the Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa: Safety SmartĀ®.

After this fun movie we practiced the MTV Routine See, Think, Wonder.
MTV with 5N

The students were asked to write what they saw on post-it notes. When they were done, we read each note out loud and had a little discussion about it. They mostly saw a couple of devices like a phone, computer, a tablet (it was called a banana tablet:), a warthdog, a mere cat and lots of wild life, etc.

In the second step of the routine we have asked them what they thought about the things that they have seen in the clip. They saw the characters helping each other, an email from an unknown person, how to balance the use of technology and many more. Their thoughts provoked a lot of related thinking and opened up a whole other discussion.

The third routine, Wonder, let them express their questions about the concept and deepened the understanding of online safety.

I am looking forward to seeing how it will look like in other Grade 5 classes next week.

Exciting times ahead:)

Ms. Elif