Poster Design in Grade3

This week we are working on designing posters in Pages as a part of Grade Unit of Inquiry: Is Seeing Believing? Students have designed their logos and decided on which slogan, colours and images they are going to use for their designs. After a quick review of Pages and its features, they dig into their ads for their businesses. To be considered their designs need to follow the rubric below:Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 10.49.01 AM

Grade 3 had a lot of fun during the process and creted fabulous designs:


Advertising Detectives

This week in Grade 3 classes we had a Commonsense Media Lesson called Advertising Detectives. In this lesson the students inquire about off line and online advertising. They are introduced to the concept of different kinds of advertising online such as banner ads, advergame, video ad, pop-up ad and sponsorship ad. We looked at different sites to find these different kinds of ads such as:

Banners: Time magazine for kids
Video Ad: Kids WB
Advergame: Frootloops
Pop-up Ad: Pop-up ads @ Wikipedia
Sponsorship Ad: PBS Kids

In the second half of the class, the students are divided into three groups as detectives to find different kinds of ads on the sites below:

Group 1 focused on Media Companies: National Geographic for Kids and Sports Illustrated for Kids

Group 2 focused on Toy Companies: Barbie and Lego

Group 3 focused on Virtual Worlds: Club Penguin  and Neopets

The lesson plan is from Common Sense Media resources and is a great addition not only for this particular unit of inquiry but also an awareness raising one for being responsible Digital Citizens.

You can find some photos of the lesson below: