Global Connections And Communication

A few weeks ago, Evans Haule (Kiswahili Teacher) and Mikey McKillip (ICT Coordinator) connected with a group of teachers working together from different parts of the world to help students in the UK learn to sing the song “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” in different languages. We used Skype to connect with these students. Evans was kind enough to spend time teaching students how to translate and sing a portion of this song in Kiswahili.

Read more about this project on the IST Elementary Languages Blog.

This project is just one example of our ICT PYP Skills for Inquiry: Communicating

“Communicating is the exchange of information with various audiences using a range of media and formats. Effective communicators contribute to cross-cultural understanding, make informed choices when deciding on tools to articulate meaning, and provide relevant, significant feedback to others.”

– cultural communication exchange – global connections, language exchange
– different media formats: skype, blogs, musical performance recorded and hosted on youtube
– feedback to teachers and students using comments on blogs

For more information about using Skype in the Classroom: